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August 24, 2008


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A wonderful rediscovery of yourself through your blog post. I am so sorry to know of the passing of your Mom.

Losing a parent is a hard thing to experience and I know both my parents constantly remind me of the good times with their parents which they can recall vividly. Watching though my parents get older has been difficult for their health scares are unpredictable. I know to savor every minute I have with them when I visit home.

Your road trip sounds so adventurous. Something that I would like to do but I am not a big driver. I give you big brownie points especially for me as a resident of New York City who has NO desire to even attempt to drive in the city. I'm too scared.

Thanks for sharing so much with us here!


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Don't let the feelings eat you out.

Hey Ruth... nice post. My mom passed May of 2005, and it seems like yesterday. I miss her so much. Alas, I live Obama's neighborhood, and frankly, he and Michelle remind me of a lot of black families (here in CHicago) that are educated, smart, family oriented and devoid of drama (other than that created by crazy white folks.) You'd like Chicago (long term)-- I bet. It's good for Black businesses.. a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs here. Lots going on in the Black community. Op PUSH and the old NOI/Muhammad house is also around the corner from Obama. [Mayor] Daley is crazy,but Chicago is poised to be a hopping place-- esp. if the 2016 Olympics come to Chicago. Next time you pass thru Chicago, give a sistah a holla (or at least a tweet).

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